Letter #2: Travels on an Inland Voyage

Palatine immigrant Christian Otto Schultz’s son Christian Schultz, Jr.’s adventures become more exciting in Letter #2 of Travels on an Inland Voyage Through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee and through the Territories of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Orleans; Performed in the Years 1807-1808; Including a Tour of Nearly Six Thousand Miles.

Schultz describes his travels in New York state from Utica, to Rome, Wood Creek, Fish Creek, Oneida Lake, to the outlet of the Onondaga River on which he learns by observing Native Americans (Oneida), discovers some superb fishing and acquires a new taste for eel.

Links to all of the images and the ebook are available at this Sutori timeline. https://www.sutori.com/story/letter-2-from-travels-on-an-inland-voyage-christian-schultz-jr-1807-1808–2NCyj8WtaQXXpLTNBnC8RStd

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