Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

For a child, curiosity is natural. When I realized that I wanted to find a way to make history come alive, I asked myself- How? My initial response was to reactivate my innate curiosity. I needed to prompt myself to ask questions, not merely wonder. I must say the words aloud. I must write the words down. I must reflect. I must repeat the process.

Making history come alive is not merely compiling facts. It is recalling the stories of humans who lived before us yet remain relatable to each succeeding generation. By focusing on one individual, then one family, one community, one region, one nation, one world, we keep our history alive. Sometimes these stories are shared by our forefathers, but perhaps even more frequently the stories must be discovered with one seemingly simple question.

In my mission to not only make history come alive but to keep history alive, I cannot stop myself from:

  • Asking the seemingly simple question.
  • Listening without judgment.
  • Awakening the storyteller.
  • Observing the surroundings.
  • Researching. Taking notes.
  • Collecting artifacts.
  • Gathering primary sources, letters, diaries.
  • Considering the anecdote.
  • Reading. Reading. Reading.
  • Sharing the story.
  • Beginning again. Asking the seemingly simple question.

How have you pursued your passion? When you reflect back, how has the outcome differed from the expectation? How has your passion evolved over time? If sharing is important to you, how do you share your passion?

Yours in Curiosity,

Bonnie Wood

~Dedicated to researching and sharing local history~

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